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    Congratulations to all team members who made Open School Night on Thursday, September 28th, 2107 a grand success!  As we came upon rigorous subjects and contents during our time, there is no doubt that Liberty's expectations are densely high and required across curriculums.   As we know our students at Liberty come from diverse cultural backgrounds, language acquisition skills, and academic levels, to include the arts.  With that, the arts programs at Liberty provide windows of opportunities to explore words and phrases of human expression about art -- enhancing their second language skills in English.  In the visual arts, students explore the "language of art" to analyze historical and modern art styles, artists, and events to compare with their own perspectives and to that of others.  In juxtaposition, students then get to explore a particular artistic style to create and build their individual ideas from foundation to execution.  

    In reflection, students yet again have the opportunity to use language content objectives to discuss their own art, taking on the role as artists on one hand, and then taking on an audience role on the other for purposeful questioning and answering--all requiring an area of content and language exploration.

    (In support of the above, and Open School Night Presentation will be included to include curriculum points, grade policy, expectations, and contact emails).



    Ms. Lozano

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Art Contest -- See Ms. Lozano

  Congratulations to one of our talented students:  Andrea (last name protected)!

She entered the Manhattan Borough Arts Festival -- 2018 and won!  There was an opening reception at the MoMA -- a prestigious art museum in New York City.

With all our hearts Andrea -- Congratulations!










Make Up Work for Art History

Project One Make-Up --  (Earns 20 Points for any missed project)

1.  Research an artist of choice in ancient history.  Report a one-page report on the significance of this artist:

Who is it?

What is the style of the artist?

What time period was the art made?

Make an inference:  How do you think the "times" influenced the artist and his/her art?

What is your personal reflection on this art?


Project Two Make-Up (Earns another 50 points for any missed work in class)

Go to a museum and/or gallery in New York City:

Recommendations include galleries in Chelsea and/or the Metropolitan Museum of Art (5th Avenue and 83rd Street)

Take at least 5 pics of the art and include the artist, name of art, medium - materials used to make the art, size, and year made.

Write a reflection for each picture:

-Why did you choose this art?

-How do the lines, shapes, and colors affect the tone of the art (feelings)

-What are the subjects of the art?  (What do you see?)

-What is the content of the art?  (What's the message?)

-If you could talk to the artist -- What might you ask?


You may send all work to -- student email only








Welcome to Power Reading

Welcome to Power Reading:

A challenging class in which you will advance your skills in English in all areas -- reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  In addition, you will hone in on acquiring the academic language necessary to succeed and compete in a technological world.  With that, you will learn that reading and comprehending fictional and nonfictional text is vital to master in high school, so that you are ready for "college and career readiness."

Moving forward, as you read the attached syllabus, you will find different types of literature that may spur your interest and ignite your motivation for inquiry, for you will write with meaning and style about your readings.


1)  Come to class prepared and ready to work.

2)  Come to class with fresh ideas and inventive ways to solve problems.

3)  Come to class with memory and prepare to practice skills taught so that autonomously, you are ready to work independently.

4)  Come to class with positive energy and a helpful attitude.


Check website readily for class updates and home--works.

Additional Ways to Add Points ESL 3

Write about the picture :  Each question answered equals 2 points each.  Create a story with 3 paragraphs equals 10 points (Paragraph one:  beginning -- One day there were students ...  Middle -- Many of the students want to go to college --- End :  Soon they will apply to college and learn to be the very best.

Who is in the picture?

What are the characters doing?

What are they thinking?

Why are they thinking this?

What will happen next?



 art history syllabus 2018 new.docx 

 art history fall 2017 2.pptx (POWER POINT OF PRESENTATION IN FALL OF 2017)

Art from Talented Artists 2017 and 2018

Art Work



To make up work and points for credit read below:

1)  10 Points = Writing another narrative paragraph about a challenge that you have overcome in your life.

2)  20 Points = Writing a 3 paragraph essay; introduction, body, and conclusion about a cause and effect: topic choices -- global warming; school dress codes, healthy foods.

3)  20 Points = Writing a 3 paragraph essay; introduction, body, and conclusion about a compare and contrast comparison:  choices - compare and contrast your school in your country, to that of America; compare and contrast the English language to that of your own.