AP Spanish--Bienvenidos


La Semana de Junio 8

¡Hola estudiantes!  

FIJO: De ahora en adelante tendre horas de oficina cada miercoles a las 11am hasta las 12pm.  Para poder entrar den clic aqui: Horas de Oficina

Grupo 1 tendra clase conmigo los lunes a las 2 pm AP Spanish Grupo del Lunes

Grupo 2 tendra clase conmigo los miercoles a las 2 pm  AP Spanish Grupo del miercoles

ESL 6--Persuasive Writing


Week of June 8th-- Please read below

Good Morning Class

For now on:

OFFICE HOURS: Every Tuesday at 11am Office hours ONLY

ESL 6 Group 1, will have class with me every monday at 1PM Group 1

ESL 6 Group 2, will have class with me every Wednesday at 12PM Group 2

Here are our ZOOM Meetings :)

Check Back for Announcements

  • AP Spanish--

    Hemos cubrido ya 5 unidades de las 6--vamos para la ultima "Los Desafios Mundiales"

    Ms. Moreno
  • ESL 6

    We are now moving on to the Text Analysis unit.  Be sure to check the website everyday

    Ms. Moreno

    Gran trabajo con toda la investigación académica que ustedes completaron. Ahora es el momento de pasar a redactar la introducción a nuestro ensayo.

    Ms. Moreno
  • ESL 6


    Thank you so much for handing in the work on time.  Everything is now graded and commented on.  Remember to email me if you have any questions about anything.



    Ms. Moreno
  • Felicitaciones AP Spanish

    Gracias por haber cumplido con la reunión de hoy.  Ahí les dejo la fótico :)


    Ms. Moreno
  • AP Spanish Announcement

    Buenas noches/días mi clase de español.

    Por favor fíjense aquí para ver el trabajo que voy asignar.

    Seguimos con el tema de la ciencia y la tecnología


    Ms. Moreno
  • Hello ESL 6

    As we resume class tomorrow, March 23, let's keep in mind we are moving into Marking Period 2.  We are still covering the argument paper.

    Remember to annotate your texts, and to choose a side.

    You will see I've uploaded the documents reminding you how to annotate and how to organize your Essay with the T.E.A.L body paragraphs.  I will also upload these files into your personal Google Drive folder.  Be sure you don't delete them, maybe it's best if you download them into your computer, since I know most of you had to leave the binder at school unintentionally.  

    We will get through this together.

    Ms. Moreno
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Class Calendar


    This is ONLY office hours.  Meaning, you can log in to Google Meet anytime between 11am and 12pm.  I will be available for any questions regarding: your grade, work assigned, any readings or anything you'd like to discuss.

    All you have to do is click here: ESL6 OfficeHours

    Ms. Moreno
  • AP Spanish Office Hours

    Description:Esta sesion es solo para discutir alguna duda segun su puntaje, asignaturas, u otra cosa que necesite aclaracion


    Ms. Moreno
  • AP Spanish Groogle meet

    Grupo 2 de AP Spanish se encontrara aca cada miercoles a las 2 AP Spanish grupo 2

    Ms. Moreno

    Every Monday we will meet here ESL 6 Group 1

    Ms. Moreno
  • AP Spanish Google Meet

    Cada lunes grupo 1 se reunira conmigo aqui APSpanish Grupo 1

    Ms. Moreno
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ESL 6--Week of June 8th


Here is the UPDATED PPTx  RemoteLearningESL6 5.pptx 

Remember you will be emailed the option of Final you want to take.

You will receive an argumentative paper and a text analysis.  It is up to you to decide which of the two you'd like to complete.  There is not need to complete both.

If you choose to complete the argument paper remember to revise the following documents:

1- Argument paper diagram.docx 


3- incorporate TRANSITIONAL WORDS:  THIS IS a MUST  TransitionsandConnectives.pdf 

If you choose to complete the Text Analysis--Remember you need a central idea that connects the entire text and that you need to use a writing strategy to fully round up the assignments.

Strategies we have looked at:

Figurative Language--Similes, Metaphors, Personification, Irony and Imagery

Other writing strategies--Mood, Tone, Characterization, Conflict (3 types of external--Character vs. Character, Character vs. Society and Character vs. Nature) and Internal Conflict

Documents you might want to revise  Central_Idea_Diagram.docx  and  Central_Idea_Templates_Differentiated.docx --choose the template appropriate for you




June 2nd

Remember today I have office hours.  Please use this time to ask me anything regarding the class.


Friday you have the next Text Analysis due.  Please update your documents throughout the week for the final product


Next Week, you will have your final exam.

May 27th and May 28th

Here is the new and updated PPT, please study it from where it says May 26th  RemoteLearningESL6 5.pptx 

New text  A_Days_Wait.docx 

Worksheet to be completed by friday at 5pm  RemoteLearningESL6_A_Days_Wait_Worksheet.docx 

May 26th

By now EVERYONE should make the final edits to their Text Analysis writing assignment

For today, you will be given a short quiz on Similes, Metaphors and Personification.  Please be sure to complete the quiz by tomorrow at 5PM.  https://forms.gle/j1q9ivdepY6Aurhy8

We resume with GOOGLE MEET tomorrow at 12pm.

May 21

group 1 from Monday has had all their work checked.  If you are in group 2, remember your work is due tomorrow, May 22nd.

Also, here the rubric used for the text analysis.  Please study it and respond the google form attached to it.


Rubric Questions


May 19th

Here is the PPT we went over today.  You should be studying the last 4 slides, as they are a continuation from last week RemoteLearningESL6 5.pptx 

Here is the worksheet with the directions on what you need to do.  Be sure to continue ON THE SAME DOCUMENT where you wrote the first paragraph.  Also choose the level you think it's appropriate for you  RemoteLearning_South_FigurativeLanguageParagraphTemplate.docx 

Group 1 --this is due Wednesday

Group 2--This is due Friday

Remember I have office hrs tomorrow if you need any help with the work I left you.  Group 2, remember we meet virtually on Wednesday at NOON

May 18th

Everyone's draft on SOUTH was checked and commented on.  Today I will meet with group 1 and go over the figurative language found in the text and how to apply this to our writing.

ESL 6 group 2 should be editing the first paragraph


May 11th

Great meeting today.  I loved seeing the many faces that showed up today. :)

Here is the PPT we went over today-- RemoteLearningESL6 5.pptx 

The new text to read is this one:  SOUTH_TextAnalysis.docx 

This will be the worksheet you need to complete.  Remember you CHOOSE THE ONE that belongs to YOUR group.   RemoteLearning_South_TextAnalysisAssignment.docx 

May 7th

The group that met with me yesterday--remember you have a writing assignment due for me tomorrow by 5pm

Monday's group--you will be getting my feedback today and remember I sent you a google form to complete by tomorrow at 5pm--that's when the deadline closes.  Here is the google form in case you lost it in the emails: Googleform GROUP 1

May 5th

Yesterday I met with one half of ESL6.  We went over the powerpoint and it seems we were all on the same page.  Here is your assignment, due for Wednesday at 5.  You may also work with a partner.

Remember that you were placed in groups in class.  Here is the group list. ESL6GROUPS.docx 

Based on the groups, you will choose your appropriate worksheet.  In the assignment you can see there is OPTION 1, OPTION 2 and OPTION 3.  Choose the option that goes with the group you were placed.  However, if you want to work with a partner who is in another level, try to work on the more difficult worksheet.  For example.  If I am in group 3, but I want to work with someone who was in group 1, both of us would work on option 1.  But if I want to work alone, then I would work on option 3.

If you didn't meet with me Monday, meet me Wednesday.  You can still try to give the assignment a try.

Assignment  May_4_2020_RemoteLearning_CentralIdea.docx 

May 4

This week we will continue working with the same text: A View From the Mesa

Review the PPT and be ready for the google meet this week.   RemoteLearningESL6 5.pptx 


April 23 and 24

Good work with the google meets and in your short writing assignments.  The group who handed the work in yesterday, will get my feedback today.

Here is what is in store for the rest of the week.

Updated powerpoint...Starting in slide 32 RemoteLearningESL6 5.pptx

You should also have received TWO google forms.  One is DUE TODAY at 5PM GOOGLE FORM FOR APRIL 23

This one is due TOMORROW at 5 PM GOOGLE FORM DUE APRIL 24 at 5PM

April 21, 2020

Today, you guys should have received a new google form about literary devices.  If you don't see it in the email, here it is: LiteraryDevices

Also, be ON TIME, I will be meeting half of you today on Google Meet at 1:30PM to go over yesterday's work. 


We are now moving onto the UNIT 2- TEXT ANALYSIS

I sent you a GOOGLE FORM--It needs to be answered by 5 PM

Please review the Powerpoint here--Starting in slide 24  RemoteLearningESL6.pptx 

Here is the *new reading*  April_20_2020_The View From The Mesa_RemoteLearningTextAnalysis1.docx 

Annotation Worksheet for those of you in Groups 1 and 2  April_20_2020_Groups1and2_AnnotationSheetforTextAnalysis.docx 

Annotation Worksheet for those of you in Group 3  April_20_2020_Group3_AnnotationWorksheetTextAnalysis1.docx 




Hi guys.  Since we unfortunately did not get a break this year, Mr. Judd came up with a fun idea for the week.  With all of us being at home quarantined, I am sure we all have seen the many video challenges people are posting on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc., so why not have a liberty high school video challenge?

Here is the assignment and also check the calendar for specific assignments for the days.

  1. You will have Monday to Thursday to create your video. Choose one of the challenges below, I have given you 2. 
  2. You will receive a google form that will need a response by Monday night 
  3. Tuesday and Wednesday we will hold Virtual meetups to check in for progress 
  4. Email Mr. Judd with your video @mrjuddlhs@gmail.com by 3 PM!!!! Thursday, April 16th.
  5. Mr. Judd will upload the videos to YouTube and FRIDAY you will watch the videos and vote for the ones you like most.
  6. 5 Winners will be selected to win 50 dollar gift cards by Catholic Charities.

Here are your choices, remember to only choose ONE:

Option 1) Social Cause -- (GOES PERFECT with the first essay you completed for me--partner optional)

Option 2) FUN VIDEO -- You will need a partner for this one.



Today 2 things:

Be on the lookout for comments on your essays, and be ready to edit.

Also, you may continue on to your conclusion using the T.S.S. method. I have updated the PPTX and I left you a sample paragraph as a model.  RemoteLearningESL6.pptx 

You will also be receiving personal group emails from me today.

Check the calendar for details



THANK YOU SO MUCH for completing the assigned tasks.  As we are nearing the end of week 2, please stay on task.  It's tough and difficult, but we can do it together :)

I have checked all the paragraphs of those who met with me Tuesday.  I left every single one of you comments, so take today to revise and edit. 

The other half of you, we met yesterday, and I know some of you started, remember you have to tonight at 10 PM to complete the work.  BEST OF LUCK. EMAIL ME with your questions.  I will be happy to answer your questions. 



Remember today we have the zoom meeting.  If you did not meet with me yesterday, you will get another chance to meet me today.  I will resend an invite.  Periods 2 and 3 at 11am and I expect to see: Yessica, Victor, Anthony, Lizbeth, Rose, Nejat, Alae, Claribel, (Darwin, Brandon, Nayelis)

and 7 and 8 at 1:30 p.m where I expect to see: Sora, Shina, Dame, Sudipta, Alanna, Lia, Christopher, Macoumba, Mohamed, Jabe, Saidryh, Cuicas (Jener, Willy, Aron, Jose, Lamarana)

We will go over the PPTx I uploaded yesterday

The T.E.A.L. method

Sentence Starters

Transitional words

Answer any questions--have them ready if you have any right now.  This is your opportunity ask for any help.

If you met me yesterday, your first body paragraph is due tonight at 10P.M.



ESL 6.  Today we have two ZOOM meetings.  

At 11 am I expect to see Serigne, Sonia, Rahatun, Madou, Darwin, Brandon and Nayelis.  I will go over the PPTX that is on this page.  and go over what is expected of you.  Please be present and on time.  The meeting is only for 30 minutes.

At 1:45 I expect to see Selvin, Ana, Lamarana, Saidryh, Shina, Santy, Aron, Jener, Alomary, Willy, ZiXuan, Atika.


Review the PPTx here before joining   RemoteLearningESL6.pptx .  I will go over the steps, and try to answer any questions you guys have.




Welcome to week 2 of remote learning

We are still working on introductions.  Tomorrow we will move on to 1st body paragraphs.  As I revised your drafts I noticed there were still some inconsistencies in your writing and in following some of the steps.  I have, thus, created my own introduction, however, it needs a little bit of help because it is all jumbled up and it is your job to put the pieces together like a puzzle. 

Remember you were divided into groups.  Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3.

If you were assigned to group 1, you will be completing this worksheet March_30_2020_Lesson5_Difficult.docx 

If you were assigned to group 2, you will be completing this worksheet:  March_30_2020_lesson5_MEDIUMLevel.docx 

If you were assigned to group 3, you will be completing this worksheet:  March_30_2020_lesson5_EASYLevel.docx 


Hello ESL 6

You should have received an email from me requesting your presence tomorrow for our first Zoom meeting.

If you are in my ESL 6 periods 2 and 3, then your meeting is for 11am

If you are in my ESL 6 periods 7 and 8, then your meeting is for 12pm.

I want us to review the steps needed for your introductory paragraph and discuss any confusions you might have.  Be ready to participate.


Good Morning ESL 6

I'm sorry for the delay.  By now you should have seen that I have checked all your work and you are now ready to move on to your Introductory paragraph.

Remember the UPSIDE down triangle where you will need to include the HOOK you chose, or that I helped you with.  include the information you came up with Monday night and close out with a thesis.  

All the steps you need are included in the powerpoint below.  Please pay close attention to it and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.


Transitional Words  TransitionsandConnectives.pdf 

Your groups  ESL6GROUPS.docx 

VIDEO for today's work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVOINIMIZGM

For today's work, you will see the powerpoint refreshing your mind on how to create hooks for introductions.  You will also see the document here that you need to download, complete and upload to your google drive folder, just like you have done with your other assignments.

Powerpoint on hooks: RemoteLearningESL6.pptx 

Worksheet to Complete:   March_25_2020_RemoteLearningLesson3_ReviewingHooks.docx 


Good Job everyone.  I know it was a bit confusing at first, but thanks to your emails I was able to troubleshoot some of your concerns from home.

Please remember the importance of following these steps:


1. Download the document on this block

2. Save to your computer or phone

3. Edit--Answer the questions

4. Save 

5. Open your Google Drive and go to your ESL 6 folder.  Upload file to your folder.   

I WILL see your work on there.

Here is the worksheet for March 24th.  All about Thesis.




Attached you will see your first Assignment.

Please DOWNLOAD this to your computer.  Once you download it, you will be able to edit and complete the sections left blank for you.

This will be due March 23, 2020 at 10pm.  

Please be sure you have handed it in through GOOGLE DRIVE.  Upload the COMPLETED document to your personal google drive folder that we have been using since the beginning of the term.  Do not email it to me.

If you have any questions on how to do this, please email me, and I will do my best to guide you.  March_23_2020_RemoteLearningLesson1.docx 

I have uploaded the texts to your individual folders.  You can use the "COMMENTS" to identify the PRO (IN FAVOR OF ATHLETES BEING PAID) or to Identify the CON (AGAINST ATHLETES BEING PAID)


Semana de Mayo 26

Junio 8 a Junio 10

La reunion de Junio 8 Esta cancelada.

Para esta semana tendrán el trabajo en pareja.

Las parejas son:

1--Luisana, Daniela, Wendy, Tobias
2--Melany, Rosalia, Mateo, Norma
3--David, Diego, Maria
4--Martina, Adela, Lucia
5--Natalia, Nayelis, Fernando
El trabajo es para entregar el miercoles a las 5pm  Which Way Home--Preguntas.docx 

Nos vamos a dedicar a ver este documental Which Way Home

Mayo 26

POR FIN YA! terminanos con el examen de AP

Ahora vamos a cerrar con la unidad de los desafios mundiales y la inmigracion.  Por favor atento a su correo electronico.  Las clases con Google Meet resumen mañana el 27 de Mayo


Mayo 18

¡PILAS! Llego el examen.  Esta semana vamos a practicar mas comparaciones y conversaciones.  Asegurar que estamos preparados para el viernes a las 4 de la tarde.

Vere hoy el grupo 1 de AP Spanish a las 2PM

Mayo 11

Chevere que nos reunimos hoy.  Recuerden que quedan 10 diaz hasta el examen.

El grupo 1 tendra que hacer una de las conversaciones en casa y mandarme la grabacion para el miercoles.

Grupo 2 tendra que entragar su quiz mañana y luego tendran que hacer la conversacion en casa.

Mayo 7

Recuerden que hoy es el ultimo dia para entregar la grabacion en parejas para el grupo que se reunio conmigo el lunes.  Mas recuerden que tienen que entregar una nueva grabacion para el viernes que sera marcada como un quiz

El grupo que se reunio conmigo ayer tiene hasta mañana, viernes, para entregar la grabacion con pareja

Mayo 5

Ayer, lunes, discutimos todo lo de la comparacion cultural.  Ustedes me mandaron las comparaciones y ya se las marque.  Revisen su correo para ver la nueva asignatura que sera en pareja.

El otro grupo, recuerden que se reunen conmigo el miercoles

La semana de Mayo 4

Recuerden que tenemos nuestras clases en Google Meet

Toda esta semama nos vamos a preparar para el examen.  Quedan solo 15 dias para el examen.


Proyecto Final--Contara como dos puntajes de prueba.

Este es el proyecto--tendran hasta el Jueves para su entrega  PROYECTOFINAL_TEMASECONOMICOS.docx 


Abril 24

En grupos designados (mandados por correo electronico) completen la siguiente forma de google: GoogleFormEnGrupos para hoy a las 5 de la tarde

April 21st

Ya debieron haber recibido mi correo con esta misma informacion, pero mas detallada

Recuerden:  Reunion por Google Meet a las 2:15PM

LEAN https://www.derechopenalenlared.com/libros/manual-del-perfecto-idiota-latinoamericano.pdf  Desde la pagina 32--donde se nombran las empresas transnacionales, hasta la pagina 33---terminando donde dice "lechuga"

Y no se olviden de responder el google form:  Respuestas paran de ser recibidas a las 5 de la tarde

AP Spanish Abril 20

Ya hoy comenzamos una nueva unidad—Los desafíos mundiales.


En la carpeta de AP ya deben ver el nuevo powerpoint, si no, aquí se los dejo.  AprendizajeRemoto.pptx 

Esta semana tendré reuniones con ustedes por Google Meet, el martes y el jueves a las 2:15 de la tarde.

Cada día recibirán una nueva forma para llenar de Google, y tendrán HASTA LAS 5PM para responder.

Que tengan una linda semana, les veo mañana al primer grupo.


La semana de Spring Break

Hola chicos!

Como ya sabemos, fuimos un poco desafortunados esta semana y nos quitaron el descanso.  Pero, bueno, hay que mirar las cosas por el lado amable, y por eso fue que el señor Judd salió con una idea bien entretenida.  Ya que llevamos como un mes de cuarentena, estoy segura que ustedes, al igual que yo, hemos visto bastantes retos en las redes sociales tales como Instagram, Facebook y TikTok, y bueno, por que no hacer el propio para la escuela?

Aquí les dejo la asignatura, y necesitan chequear el calendario para las fechas de vencimiento

  1. Ustedes tendrán desde el lunes al jueves para crear su video. Seleccionen solo UNO de los retos que están al final.
  2. Ustedes recibirán una forma o un documento de Google que necesitara una respuesta el lunes en la noche
  3. Martes y miércoles tendré reuniones virtuales con ustedes para hablar de su rendimiento.
  4. El video debe estar completo para enviar por correo electrónico al señor Judd @ mrjuddlhs@gmail.com para las 3 de la tarde, no mas tarde, el jueves, abril 16.
  5. El señor Judd va subir el video a la pagina escolar y a YouTube para el viernes.  Ustedes verán los videos, votaran y comentaran sobre ellos para poder ayudar a determinar los ganadores.
  6. 5 ganadores serán elegidos, y estos ganarán una tarjeta de 50 dólares, dada por Catholic Charities (Caritas)

Aquí tienen las ideas para el video.  Recuerden solo pueden hacer UNO de ellos.

Opcion 1-- Interpretar Infografica

Opcion 2- VideoDivertido --Este video necesita pareja

Opcion 3 LoQueLeGustaAMoreno -- Mejor con pareja


Abril 7

Ya deberian estar en la conclusion.  Aqui les dejo el PPTx con los pasos y el ejemplp AprendizajeRemoto.pptx 



Hoy veran comentarios en sus ensayos, preparese para leerlos y hacer cualquier cambio necesario.

Actualizare el PPTx, lo subire aqui y en el google drive esta ma~ana, con la informacion indicando como completar el ensayo.

Miren el calendario con las fechas de vencimiento


Abril 2

Hoy me reunire con: Mateo, Maria, Luisana, Rosalia, Lucia, David, Diego, Wendy, Adela, y Fernando.

Hablaremos sobre el tema para evitar confusion.

Como comenzar el primer parrafo, y las expectativas de dicho parrafo.

El resto de ustedes deberian estar corrigiendo su ensayo que ya los mire todos.  <3

Abril 1o.

Hoy, el grupo que se reunio conmigo ayer, debe estar trabajando y editando su introduccion, y el primer cuerpo. 

Recuerden de revisar el PPTx y las Palabras de transicion que subi ayer.

Ma~ana me reunire con: Mateo, Maria, Luisana, Rosalia, Lucia, David, Diego, Adela, y Fernando.

Hola de nuevo.
Hoy tenemos nuestra proxima reunion de zoom. Hoy espero ver a: Tobias, Nayelis, Daniela, Melany, Natalia, David, Wendy, Martina y Norma.
En la reunion hablaremos sobre el primer cuerpo cual sera para el Primero de Abril para este grupo.
Aqui les dejo una copia del PPTx  AprendizajeRemoto.pptx 
Y una copia de las palabras y frases de transicion que quiero que usen UsefulPhrases_in_SpanishWriting.pdf 

Chicos, muy buen trabajo que hicieron la semana pasada. Sé que no es fácil, pero lo estamos superando lentamente. Todos ustedes han encontrado excelentes fuentes para el ensayo que tenemos a mano. Aqui les subi el dipositivo con
todos los pasos necesarios.
Se cominezan en la pantalla numbero 13. Lean todas las pantallas por favor.


Buen trabajo muchachos.

Mañana tenemos nuestra segunda reunión a las 2 pm.  Trataremos Zoom.

En la lista para mañana esta:









Tengan listas las preguntas que crearon para el martes.

También subí la nueva versión del PPT—ahí verán el nuevo trabajo—Sera para el Viernes a las 10 PM



Muchas gracias de nuevo por estar atentos al tema, y por entregar el trabajo a tiempo.  Recuerden de leer todos mis comentarios ya que es para que les ayude en el futuro.

Ahora, para tomorrow, Marzo 25, tenemos una peque~a prueba acerca del articulo que leyeron ayer.  Aqui les voy a subir el PPTx de nuevo, y tambien lo voy a compartir por una carpeta en el google drive.  Les avisare cuando la actualize para que ustedes se fijen en los slides.  Importante LEER CADA UNO!!!




Felicitaciones en completar el trabajo de ayer y por haber subirlo sin error en sus Google Drive.  WEEE.

Ahora leerán: Neander Park por Javier Sampedro. Al leer:

-Tomen nota de las ventajas y desventajas que nos traería la clonación del Neandertal

-Si existe o no existe ética en este proyecto

-- Por favor desarrollen 3-5 preguntas sobre la lectura:

Las notas y las preguntas las entregan por google drive.  Igual como hicieron ayer.  Abren un nuevo documento y lo titulan "Segunda asignatura remota"

Tenemos reunión por SKYPE a las 2– Con los siguientes:--VIDEO --no se oculten










Aqui esta el link

Hombre Neandertal