Mr Sanchez Parent Teacher Conferences. Spring 2022 Please call me : Telephone: 973-826-0072. 4:30-7:30pm on Wednesday, March 16th. And Friday, March18th from 12:30 TO 3;00PM You may email me as to any questions you may have.

Econ. Spring 2022 . PERIODS 3


Econ Period 3 will meet at 9:45am: Zoom Meeting ID: 880 9405 6069. Password:   162484

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Economics Class Spring 2022

Econ Period 9 will meet at 2:35pm:    Zoom Meeting ID: 876 5179 0478. Password:  258906 

Global History Period 4

Global 1 Period 4 will meet at 11:O0am: Zoom Meeting ID:880 8002 0108 Password:  103248

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Health Period 7

Health Period 7 will meet at 1:10pm:   Zoom Meeting ID: 836 4038 1007.   Password:    817787

Google class Code:

Snow Day:  

Health Spring 2022 Period8

Health  will meet at 2pm   Zoom Meeting ID:   863 4183 8916 Password  585350 

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Mr. Sanchez Calendar. Click on small calendar icon on the top right Email:

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Indus Valley Video: A Modern Society in Ancient Times


Office Hours For Mr. Sanchez: (973) 826- 0072

Hello Students.  My number  is (973) 826-0072 .  

Modern Ancient Indus River Cities: Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro

Ramadan: Fasting One of the Pillars of Islam

Look Daily at Mr. Sanchez's Calendar. You can go back in the week to see if you missed work: Newsela readings but also documents to download and complete.

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Office Hours For Mr. Sanchez: (973) 826- 0072. Daily from 2pm. Hello Students! You may call me directly at my telephone for questions, help, tutorial and any urgent matter. Call me Daily from 2 pm. Email: All work emailed will receive feedback as soon as possible. Stay Well and Keep Learning!

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The Renaissance For Global 2 Further Information