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Click Daily on Mr. Sanchez's Class Calendar Lessons for the Day. (On the top of the page the arrows take you back if you missed a day. Thank You.)


    See only first five minutes okay?

    1. Why is writing an element of civilization? Why is learning to  write important?

    2. Who are scribes? Where scribes mostly boys or girls?

    3. What kind of things were written down on clay tablets?

    4. If we know about the past, how can it help us prepare for the future?



    Mr. Sanchez
  • Global 2 Period 4 Video: Could the Black Death Happen Again?

    Email Mr. Sanchez:  Monday  1. Three  facts about the video you learned.

    2. When did the Black Death affect Europe? How many people died?

    3. What are the 3 types of Bubonic Plague?

    4. Everything has positives and negatives, what do you think were the positive affects of so many people dying in Europe during te Middle Ages?

    5. How did the novel Coronavirus-19 spread around the world today?


    Mr. Sanchez
  • Global 1 The Invention of Writing Video and Questions

    see only the first three (3) minutes please

    1. Writing was first invented in Sumer (Mesopotamia) why?

    2. What is a city-state?

    3. Why do you think early civilizations began near river?

    Email answer to Mr. Sanchez


    Mr. Sanchez

    1. Write a definition of the Bubonic Plague

    2. The disease came from China and the Mongols. Which animal and insect spread the disease?

    3. Why were Europeans so weak when the disease arrived in Italy?

    4. After millions of Europeans died, what were some positive results of this terrible disease?

    5. Extra Credit: What question do you want to know more about?


    Mr. Sanchez
  • Global 2 Period 4 ONLY Black Death: Answer 2 Docs Minimum

    Please read and see video email your responses if you cannot upload document to me by Tuesday. Thank you students

    Mr. Sanchez
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Welcome To Remote Learning: Look at Calendar and email back. Newsela Readings weekly

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Agriculture Begins

Download document for Class Codes: Students please look enter class code when you log into Newsela. Each of Mr. Sanchez's Global Class has a unique code to complete reading assignments. Look carefully for your school period.


History v. Genghis Khan Video EXTRA CREDIT Email Mr. Sanchez. 3 things I learned

GLOBAL 1 : Please click on Mr. Sanchez's Calendar : Periods 1, 3, 5 and 8 Work must be done on a computer not phone

   If you missed last week's work:  complete three activities: March 23rd, 2020 9 2 SQ 8 What evidence do we have about life during the Paleolithic Era_.docx   This document classwork/homework was given to students on last day class, Friday March 13th, 2020. you may have this work already in your hand physically. Any new or absent student should be able to download this document. Please have completed 3 documents questions and work sent to email on the main page by Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 review verbs meaning verb match act.doc  vocab 2.doc 

March 24th, 2020 Review Powerpoint EARLY HUMANS.ppt  Ppoint vocab ex.doc  intro pic early human.doc  Pic Vocab Match test prac.doc  Ppoint vocab ex.doc  This is a review for students were absent or are new to class.

March 25th , 2020  review Test / Self Assessemnt test 2.doc 

March 26th, 2020  9 2 SQ 9 What was life like during the Paleolithic Era_.docx 

March 27th, 2020 completed materials may be sent to Mr. Sanchez's email:

Please if you missed w

Global 2 Period 4 : Click on Mr. Sanchez's calendar and instructions

Our Global 2 Class is not a Google Class:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1. You may required reading  activities  on Remember to log in with gmail account. Our class code is 7J9ZR7. You must take quiz. Quiz grade is not as important as knowing you have read and reading level will be adjusted for comprehension. Read instructions about vocabulary.

2. Last week March 23-27th.  Make up time and work.There were documents on the Mongols you needed to download. Complete and Email back to me.  There was a practice test on Wednesday. Friday will be video days.  You can watch a video on the Mongols and send me what you learned about the video or videos if you saw more than one.

Week of March 23-27th 2020  Mongols Weekly New Visions 

Mr. Sanchez email:

Look Daily at Mr. Sanchez's Calendar. You can go back in the week to see if you missed work: Newsela readings but also documents to download and complete.

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