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    Mr. Olivo
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We will be using Zoom. I will post the links to the meetings as needed. 

You can email me during school hours at and I will answer your questions and give you instructions.

You can also send me a text message at 347-407-0599. 



Download the calculator we use at school: The TI-84


This is a website with a graphing calculator 


MES43 Day One: 9/21/2020

1.  Introduction

2.  Syllabus MSE43.docx : Read the syllabus carefully. 

3. Student info Form (  Click on the link to the site. Go to the student's profile page and update the student's contact. 

Sign in using your school id:     username: School id       password: school id 

4.  Exploring the site: Explore the  web site. 

5.  Getting to know You Questions: Complete the following questions. Link


Lessons : #16 11-24-2020 and 11-25-2020


1. Go to

To login to the use the following credentials:

                   Username: 9 digits school ID

                  Password: 9 digits school ID

2. Login and take attendance (this is important). if for some reason, you log out, you don't have to take your attendance again.

3.   Complete Lesson #16. 

The lesson includes:

a. warm-up

b. Big-Ideas

c. A video example


Part 2

d. Practice exercises

e. Summary

f. Quiz

4. ZOOM by period:   Office hours  : 2:00 pm to 2:20 pm

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Class code:      36v3kg6

Class schedule

Classes will meet according to the school schedule. Email your questions for immediately response during your class time. 

If you need instructions and more guidance to complete the assigned lesson above; email me to set up an individualized Zoom session

DURING your class time.


Meeting ID: 816 5338 9707
Passcode: 427048