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  • Problem Comprehension!

    Hello Everyone!

    As we get into the Spring Semester, I have begun to think about something. We have to really focus on problem comprehension. I think many of your math skills are stronger than you think. However, often you may not understand a problem...both what information a problem is giving you, and what the problem is asking you to do. 

    In class, when you are doing a problem, spend MORE time trying to understand what information the problem is giving you, and what it is asking you to find. Use context clues and all the other strategies you have learned in your other classes to help you. If you comprehend the problem, you will have an easier time finding the answer. 

    I have confidence in your ability to work and follow the mathematic steps to solve a problem, so this semester I am spending more time working with you on problem comprehension. I hope you will focus in on this as well so you will have a greater understanding of the work we are doing! 

    Mr. Judd
  • No School on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers

    As we approach the Regents exams, you need to spend time preparing yourself for YOUR exams! It is now up to you to learn all you can and prepare yourself to pass these VERY important exams!!

    Here are some resources you can use:

    www.jmap.org  On Jmap, you can find Regents exams, sample questions on various topics, and even answers with brief explanations to Regents questions. Click on "Regents Exams" and then "ANS" for the exam you want to look at and you will see a teacher has gone through the exam and solved all of the problems with brief explanations or mathematic justifications for their answers.

    http://www.nysedregents.org/  Here you can find all of the past Regents exams, the multiple choice answers, AND the "model response sets" which give you all of the correct answers, partially correct, and incorrect answers, and show you how the points on each question are distributed. If you have any problems with the website, just google "Algebra Regents Exam" or "Geometry Regents Exam" and the videos will come up! 

    www.nysmathregentsprep.com  This math teacher has created a website with videos that go through many different Regents Exams with him showing you how to do each problem, and what math rules and ideas are behind each problem. I would suggest you spend the weekend before the Regents exam going through one or two tests, checking in and watching his videos to guide you. 


    There are a few online resources that can be very helpful to you, and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them when you are not in school/class. You can only do as well as you prepare to do!! 



    Mr. Judd
  • January Regents Calendar

    Please adhere to Liberty's Start and End times. 

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Good report from Mr. Marchoug

    Mr. Marchoug reported that there was good attendance at the Saturday Academy Regents Prep! I'm glad to hear that many of you are taking your exams seriously and preparing yourselves to do well. This Saturday we will focus on Part 2, 3, and 4 questions, where you can really earn points and put yourselves over the top in terms of passing the exam. When you work hard, you will see the results of your work!!! 

    Mr. Judd
  • Time go GET GOING!!

    With Regents week about 6 weeks away, now is the time to go into high gear and give all of your effort to doing the best you can in your classes and on to prepare for your Regents exams. This should be your priority for the next 6 weeks. Go to after school, go to tutoring, go to Saturday Academy, and take every opportunity you can to make sure you pass your exams THE FIRST TIME!! What a wonderful feeling you will have knowing you have accomplished something that will make a BIG difference in your academic success! We are all rooting for you and are here to help you...just ask!!! 

    YOU GOT THIS!!!!

    Mr. Judd
  • Report Cards will be distributed on Friday, December 7, 2018

    Students will receive their second marking period report cards this Friday during 8th period. 

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • January Regents Prep Academy

    There are four more Saturday study sessions before Regents Exams in January. Sign up with your guidance counselor and get a free metro card for the trip!

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Saturday Academy!

    Regents week is right around the corner! This Saturday we will begin the Saturday Academy. The schedule for math is:

    12/1 8:00 - 10:30 Algebra 1 (Alg 1-3), 10:30 - 1 Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig

    12/8 8:00 - 10:30 Algebra 1 (Alg 1-3), 10:30 - 1:00pm Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig

    12/15 8:00 - 10:30 Algebra 1 (Alg 1-3), 10:30 - 1:00pm Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig

    1/5  8:00 - 10:30 Algebra 1 (Alg 1-3), 10:30 - 1:00pm Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig

    1/12  8:00 - 10:30 Algebra 1 (Alg 1-3), 10:30 - 1:00pm Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig

     Plan on coming and getting ready for your exam!! Practice makes perfect! 




    Mr. Judd
  • Marking Period 2

    We are already at Marking Period 2...the time went so quickly!!! You are doing great work, and now is the time to buckle down and prepare for the Regents exams in January. Complete all of your homework and classwork assignments and prepare for all quizzes and exams. Lets make this a GREAT Fall/Winter!!

    Mr. Judd

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Math Rules!

Algebra words and phrases you should know!

Here are some words and phrases that, if you know them, will help you be more successful on the Regents Exams.



Sum - Add

Difference - Subtract

Product - Multiply

Quotient - Divide

Rational - Any number that can be expressed as a fraction (example 4/3).

Irrational  - A number that has a repeated decimal with no pattern (example 3.45678377284....)

Functions - Linear, Exponential, Absolute Value, Square Root, Piecewise

Piece-wise Function - A function with more than one relation

Input - The x values of a function.

Output - The y values of a function.

Domain - All possible x values of a function.

Range - All possible y values of a function .

Equivalent - The same.

Axis of Symmetry - the line that cuts a function in half, usually expressed as "x = __ "

Constant - A number by itself (with no variable)

Coefficient - The number next to a variable (example 4x).

Correlatiion - The relationship between two relations.

Correlation Coefficent - A number from -1 to 1 that tells you how closely the equation of the line of best fit models the data (closer to 1, positive correlation, closer to 0 no correlation, closer to -1, negative correlation)

Evaluate - to substitute a given number for a variable. 

Function Rule - An equation that describes a function.

Intersection - Where two functions meet (on a graph or otherwise) 

Line of best fit - The most accurate line that represents data on a graph. 

System of equations - two or more equations.

System of inequalities - two or more inequalities.

Parabola - The graph of a quadratic function (x squared)

Radical - A number under a square root sign.

Rate of change - The slope of a function. 

Reciprocal - flipping a fraction.

Slope - The rate of change of a function.

Slope formula - (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1)

Monomial - A polynomial with one term.

Binomial - A polynomial with two terms.

Trinomial - A polynomial with three terms.

Vertex - The highest or lowest point on a parabola. 

Vertical line test .- If you draw a vertical line through a relation at any point and the line only touches the relation one time then the relation is a function. 

Y intercept - Where a function crosses the y axis.

X intercept - Where a function crosses the x axis. 

Zeros of a function - Where a function crosses the x axis, or the value that will cause the function to equal zero.

Solutions of a function - The zeros of a function. 




After School announcement

After school will be available this week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For Algebra Regents help, see Mr. Judd in room 200. For Geometry help, see Mr. Marchoug in room 502. Stay strong, work hard, and make your Regents grade count!! You can do this!  


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