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Math Rules!

How can math fight a pandemic?

Here is an article detailing all of the ways math is important during this pandemic. There's a lot to read, but it's super interesting!



Need some extra help? Here are some digital math resources - Here you can sign on and see what we are studying. - Here is a website where you can practice almost ANY math skill...and see how you are progressing towards mastery. - Here you can videos, practice questions, quizzes and tests to help you improve your skills in math. And its FREE - Here you will find all of the past Regents exams and answers. You can also search by topic and focus on one skill at a time! Here you will find all of the different exams, answers to the multiple choice questions, and model response questions to show you how the Part 2, 3, and 4 questions are answered. 

 You can also search for videos on for "Algebra Regents" or "Geometry Regents" exam and you will find videos that teachers have made that explain problems that are on the exam. 

Geometry Riddles!



1. What kind of tree does a math teacher climb? 


2. What do you have to know to get top grades in geometry?



 3. Why was the obtuse angle upset? 



 4. What's a polygon? 





 5.What do you get when you cross geometry with McDonalds? 


1. Geometry.

2. All the angles.

3. Because he was never right.

4. A dead parrot . :( 

5. A plane cheeseburger