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Period 1 - pzp6w6z

Period 4 - mo6ute7

Period 5 - euek6uo

Period 6 - ni2ujg4

Period 8 - ga5gyaq




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   Welcome to online learning! Please check this website regularly as I will be updating it with information as we go through this process. If you need help and are confused about the work, please contact me through Remind or alternatively, you can email me at 

Global 2: Periods 1 and 6

Hi everyone!

This assignment is for March 23, 2020

Aim: How does the new Coronavirus compare and contrast to the Bubonic Plague? 

Do Now:

Assignment: Complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the Novel Coronavirus with The Bubonic Plague of The Middle Ages. 

This is the link for the Venn Diagram:



Global 3 - Periods 4, Period 5, and Period 8

Hi Global 3!

This is your assignment for March 23:

Aim: What role did Napoleon play in the French Revolution?

Do Now:



The codes for Brainpop and Flocabulary are posted on Google Classroom. If you DO NOT have a sign in code for Newsela, please send me an email telling me so at immediately.

Information Corner

 You all have access to several educational platforms including: Newsela, Flocabulary,  Discovery, Brainpop, and TM Wizard. Please use them. Contact me via Remind or email: if you need help logging on. Also, PLEASE contact me if you are not receiving messages on Remind. I send important non-public information there. For examples: the school codes you need to log into our educational subscriptions.


Global History


Those who

don't study

history are


to repeat it.