For Teachers: How to grade and provide feedback on Google Classroom

All Classes... REMIND CODES...

Remind Codes:                                                                                    

Per. 1:    Send a text to 81010-Text this message: @8gk9772                                                             

Per. 4:    Send a text to 81010-Text this message: @3e22cf                                                                

Per. 5:   Send a text to 81010-Text this message: @8hfkh2                                                               

Per. 6:   Send a text to 81010-Text this message: @9e66feg                                                              

Per. 8:   Send a text to 81010-Text this message: @isepulved                                                          





Google Classroom Codes

Please sign up to Google Classroom!

These are the codes:

Period 1 - pzp6w6z

Period 4 - mo6ute7

Period 5 - euek6uo

Period 6 - ni2ujg4

Period 8 - ga5gyaq





Newsela Codes:

Period 1:     7QJJSV

Period 4:     HV3RY7

Period 5:     7QJNVZ

Period 6:     WTNDJQ

Period 8:     EF9TCZ


All Classes...

Please submit your work on Google Classroom. I can grade and immediately send you your grade on Google Classroom! It is the best option for all of us. 

Having Difficulty? Please view the videos on how to submit work on Google Classroom. i have posted the videos here for your convenience:

English version:

Spanish version:

Global History

   Welcome to online learning! Please check this website regularly as I will be updating it with information as we go through this process. If you need help and are confused about the work, please contact me through Remind or alternatively, you can email me at 

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Information Corner

 You all have access to several educational platforms including: Newsela, Flocabulary,  Discovery, Brainpop, and TM Wizard. Please use them. Contact me via Remind or email: if you need help logging on. Also, PLEASE contact me if you are not receiving messages on Remind. I send important non-public information there. For examples: the school codes you need to log into our educational subscriptions.


Global History


Those who

don't study

history are


to repeat it.

  Opportunity Week:

This is Opportunity Week! You will have this week to makeup all of your work for Marking Period 2! I will not post any new work. Please make sure that you complete all of your assignments. I will be available all week from 9-3:30. Please contact me through Remind, Google Classroom, and email for help.