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Blended Learning OPT IN

Good news students! If you are tired of remote learning, the opt in in period for blended learning model is from November 2, 2020 to November 15, 2020. If you are interested in changing your learning preference please call the Parent Coordinator, Ms. Velasquez. 

ATTENTION MS. Mejia's students!

While Ms. Mejia is on leave you are assigned to another counselor. Please look at the attached document to find out if you are assigned to Ms. Chu or Ms. Garcia. You need to know your Student ID number (OSIS). 



Teacher Emails.docx


Important Message for Students

If you received a GRADE OF NX during Spring 2020 Term, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE WORK by January 2021. 

Failure to complete the work will result in you retaking the class Spring 2021. The deadline for completion was set by the NYC DOE. 

ALL work can be found on our website. CLICK HERE:  Resolve NX

School Calendar

NYC DOE Academic Calendar 2020.2021

Printable monthly Calendar for Students  

September 2020.pdf  




Students that are in Remote Only GROUP D will have their student programs by September 18, 2020. 

1. Your program will be emailed to your student DOE email address. 

2. Review your student program for your assigned teachers. 

3. Teachers will provide instructions on their teacher page. 

4. Individual teacher pages can be found on the drop down menu on the top of the school's home page. 


Terms of Agreement

Instructions for Logging On at Home

Pupil Path Access

Do you still need pupil path access to view your grades? 

Please review the registration instructions. PupilPath App Registration.docx 

Logging on to NewsELA


Registration takes place Monday through Friday starting at 9 am until 2 pm. Interested students should bring a parent or guardian, transcript from their country or US school, immunization record, and proof of residency. Students should be a recent immigrant or still require ELL services. Minimum age requirement is 14.5 years old. New Immigrants should be able to graduate within four to five years commencing our program. Transfer students requiring ESL should be able to finish with their original graduation cohort or in another year.

Please call our Parent Coordinator for more information about registration: 212.691.0934 extension 1120.


Tips for Staying Focused While Doing Schoolwork!


Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers is a small learning community, located on 250 West 18th Street in New York City. We serve new immigrant students or students who still require English acquisition in grades 9 through 12. We are dedicated to educating students of diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, as they make the transition to the American educational system. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to focus on acquiring English as an additional language while celebrating student diversity.

We believe in providing high quality instruction in order to prepare students to become College and Career Ready as well as responsible contributors to a global society. We engage students and families by providing after school classes, activities, career, academic and personal counseling in an effort to support students reach their highest potential.

For more information on our school, please open the attached documents:





College and Career Readiness

Our College Office is available to students to assist them in their college and career planning. The College Adviser, Mr. J. Conway, can assist with the application process and financial aid process. The College Office arranges three trips a year to visit a college campuses with students and parents.

Advanced Placement for All

Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers has been accepted into AP4ALL. This New York City Department of Education initiative is under the supervision of the Office of Equity and Access. Fall Term 2017, Liberty will offer three Advanced Placement classes: AP US History, AP English Language and Composition and AP Spanish Language and Culture.


Principal's Message

I am so happy and thrilled to welcome you to Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers. This school is so special to all of us who work here because it is home to students from all over the globe. Liberty's program will get you ready for college and career by focusing every class on language acquisition and content skills. Students are provided with a wide array of activities and opportunities to gain credits. If you are new to the country or are expecting new family members to arrive that still require a high school education please call us for more information. Good Luck to all the students in the NYC DOE.   

Principal's Graduation Address 2017 Graduation Speech 2017.docx 

Graduation 2017


  • A Day

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Schools Closed

    Thanksgiving Recess

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Schools Closed

    Thanksgiving Recess

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • B Day

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • B Day

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
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Liberty High School can be easily accessed by the A,C,E 14th street subway station, L train at 14th Street, and 1 train at 18th Street.

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Update for September 2020

Please read the letter from the Chancellor!

 Update for Families on Health and Safety Protocols August 3 2020.pdf 

Dear Students and Families, 

Please fill out the survey for your preference for the September 2020 school year. Students and Families can choose a blended model or stay in remote learning. There will be opportunities to opt in during the year if you change your mind. Here is the link  Remote Learning Survey

The Chancellor is also holding virtual town hall meetings. To access the latest information please use the following link: Chancellor's Message

Please take care, 

R. Huegel, Principal