Welcome to Ms. Lei's Science Classes

Dear Ms. Lei's students,

              I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.  As we make the transition to remote learning for the next few weeks, I would like to go over the assignments and their due days.  I usually post the lessons and the assignments on Sunday and then have them due on the following Sunday.  This gives you a full week to complete all the assignments.  The assignments are posted as Living Environment I  (Period 1, 4 and 7 students) and Environmental Science II (Period 3 and 6 students).  You need to complete your class assignments only.  After you complete the assignments, have them send back to me at lixiangtsui@gmail.com  or submit your works on Google Classroom. 

Click  How To Submit Work on Google Classroom.docx   for English instructions.

Click   How To Submit Work on Google Classroom French.docx  for French instructions.

Click    How To Submit Work on Google Classroom Spanish.docx    for Spanish instructions

Google Classroom Codes:

Period 1: cu7hrlt                       Period 3: nay5jus                                     Period 4: xvjbqgg                      Period 6: rmzydi7                               Period 7: 5oubnt6


Google Classrooms Invitation

Dear Students,  

         I have sent  most of you an email invitation for Google Classroom.  Make sure you check for the email.  If you have not received a Google Classroom invitation, contact Ms. Lei at lixiangtsui@gmail.com.



  • Living Environment I

    Dear Period 1,4 and 7 Students,

           We are almost done with the unit of photosynthesis.  Today we are working the Regents based questions.  Please follow  the directions list on the assignments.  


    Ms. Lei
  • Environmental Science II

    Dear Period 3 and 7 Students,

             Thank you for those who took the first online test.  For those who have not taken it, please finish it by Tuesday (4.7.20).  I'll post all of your test scores on Skedula by this Wednesday.  Today we are going to start a new chapter, Nutrition.  Please follow the directions listed on the assignment.  

    Ms. Lei
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The Wandering Jew Plant Experiment