Student Success

Liberty High School uses Achieve 3000 as part of its ENL program. It is a technology based program that works to increase students' reading levels to meet the needs of the Common Core Learning Standards. 


All teacher use the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) to plan their daily lessons. All grade level teachers include the same Next Generation Literacy Standards. 

Next Gen Literacy Standards

Juan Matos with Hudson Review Journal

Hudson Review Visit

 Please watch poet, Rhina P. Espaillat explain the beginnings of poetry as an art form. 


Hudson Review

Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers has a partnership with the Hudson Review Journal. This partnership has allowed our students to read and analyze literary fiction and then meet the author. This year's visit was from Rhina P. Espaillat who has published several original poems and has translated works into Spanish as well as into English. This academic school year, the Advanced Placement Spanish Culture and Language and the Spanish II class were invited to read her works and ask questions. Thank You Ms. Espaillat!

Grading Policy

The School Leadership Team has set a new grading policy for the school :

40% Assessment

30% Quiz

30% HW, Participation, Classwork

And a set of marking period minimums students can expect to receive grades for:

2 Full Period Assessments

7 Quizzes

10 HW assignments

1 extra credit / make up opportunity

Testing Schedule for Students

Visiting Poet: Rhina P. Espaillat