New York City Department of Education

  • Robotics Team

    Congratulations to the Robotics Team and Ms. Taiae for coming in first place this weekend at John Dewey High School. Liberty's team will now compete in the citywide competition in February. We are so proud of you! 

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Regents Prep Saturday

    If you are scheduled to take any New York State Regents exam in January, there will be five Saturdays to review and receive extra help!

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Quality Review

    Liberty's QR is scheduled for November 15 and November 16

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Classes Start at 8:02 am. Make sure you get to school on time.

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    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • August 2017 Graduates

    It does not matter when or how you got to the finish line ..., it only matters that you finished with pride. 

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Welcome Back

    Students will receive their new program on the first day of school before first period. All new students will receive a program and school id with metro card. We continue to register new students. 

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Thank You to the Manhattan Borough President's Office

    Liberty High School has been awarded $250,000 in capital funding to improve our Literacy Center. 

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Open Registration

    Incoming Immigrants ages 14-21 years old

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
  • Free Transfer High School

    Serving Grades 9 through 12

    Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers

Registration for Students

Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers is a small transfer school, grades 9-12 for new immigrants. We enroll students all year long. Our student population represents over 30 countries from around the global and over 20 languages are spoken. We take students as young as 14.5 years old and as old as 18 years old. All students in NYC have the right to an education until they are 21 years of age.

Enrollment Centers around NYC can provide you with a referral to our school or you can come directly to our school Monday through Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. All potential students should come with a parent or guardian.

Registration Materials

Students and families will be asked to complete a registration package. Feel free to download registration materials in your home language.

Immunization Requirements  

 Immunization Req Arabic.pdf 

 Immunization Req Chinese.pdf 

 Immunization Req French.pdf 

 Immunization Req Russian.pdf 

 Immunization Req Spanish.pdf 

Immunization Req English.pdf 

Current Students

Once you are registered at Liberty, you will have access to the following:

  • Free Metro Card
  • Free Breakfast and Lunch 
  • Advanced Placement Classes for College Credit
  • College Counseling
  • CUNY and SUNY College Programs and Visits
  • New York State Regents Exam Prep Classes 
  • Counseling Services 
  • After School Programs 
  • Enrichment Activities 
  • PSAL Sports Teams


Open School Night 2017

On September 28, 2017, Liberty had its Open School Night. Teachers from our various departments presented their curriculum, grading policy and state assessments. Thank you for the 93 parents that made it tot his wonderful evening. Please check out individual teacher pages for the course syllabus. 

Open School Night