Ms. Taiae's Classes Environmental Science 2, Earth Science 1 and 2

Monday, April 6th

Dear Students,

Please check your assignments. If you have questions or problems accessing them, let me know (










Friday, April 3rd Practice & Assessment

Earth Science students who didn't sign-up for, please do it to be able to take your quiz or test (Check instructions below)

Environmental Science students, you just need to click on the quiz link to be able to take and submit









Go to

Join as a “Student” and use your email account information.

If you already have an account with another class, you just add my class using the following codes:

Environmental Science Period 2: HEM4XN

Environmental Science Period 5: 7C8K5B

Earth Science 1 Pd 6: YAFNS5

Earth Science 2 Pd 3: NG2KGR

Earth Science 2 Pd 7: W46YAJ


Friday, March 27 Announcements  

1.QUIZ#1 is assigned to Earth Science 1 & 2 students who opened a testwizard account

2. Environmental Science Quiz#1


Earth Science 1 & 2 HOMEWORK for March 26 (Please Confirm with me your testwizard account via email)

Go to and sign up using your first and last names, your personnel email and create a password.

You will receive an email from Eduware Support. Click on activate your account. A new window is opened and you will be asked to enter the class code

Here are the Classes Codes

Earth Science 2-Pd3                                                     Earth Science 2-Pd7
Class Code: CCVX-ZSIM-VD                                        Class Code: CCUX-YCIM-QV

Earth Science 1- Pd 6

Class Code: CCVH-YCIM-VN


Here are the Class codes to join Google classroom

Environmental Science 2 Period 2 Class code is    5nhsmvt

Environmental Science 2 Period 5 Class Code is    zzrzv35


Earth Science 2 Period 3 :  acum5le

Earth Science 2 Period 7 :  2thvm3e

Earth Science 1 Period 6 : 327yfxp


Please download "Remind"  School Communication app on your phone and join my class using the following class codes:

Environmental Science 2


Earth Science 1


Earth Science 2


Earth Science Reference Tables