Hello all,

Due to the corona-virus, we will be engaging in online - remote learning. Everyday, there will be a classwork and/or homework assignment. The dates of when work is due will be published on the block corresponding with your class.

This is NOT A VACATION. You must complete all assignments on time. It is your responsibility to reach out to me if you need help with the classwork/homework. You will receive grades and they will be published on Skedula.

You can download the work (assignment), type it, and email it to me as an attachment.

See video to learn how to attach if you do not know how to do it:

You must send work to me at my email :

The best way to reach and communicate with me is through Remind app. If you are not registered, please email me your name and phone number. Remember to ask  your parents for permission.

I do not know what will happen with the Global Regents, U.S. History regents, or the Advanced Placement United States Exam, but the goals still stand:

Global Regents: 85% pass rate or higher

U.S. History Regents: 100% Pass rate or higher

A.P. Exam: 80% Pass rate or higher.

Please be safe, practice social distancing, and wash your hands often. If you or your family member is sick, stay home! Take care and good luck. Again, feel free to email me or send me a message through Remind. I am here to help!!!

Mr. Segura









Use Remind to contact me

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  • Advanced Placement United States History

    Aim: Why did America pursue a policy of isolation in the 1930s?

    Mr. Segura
  • Global History

    Aim: Taking and finish up exam (Multiple Choice and Essay)

    Mr. Segura
  • American Government

    Aim: Review for exam.

    Mr. Segura
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