Art / Theater

This year Ms. Lozano is teacher Art History. You can access the course syllabus. All students must complete 2 credits in The ARTS. 

Art History Syllabus

Course Offerings

 Liberty High School has a continuing partnership with The Kitchen a Theater Arts Company. They provide an opportunity for students to learn about theater from acting to production. This year students are able to sign up for an after school class with their guidance counselor. Here is the Syllbaus:

Kitchen After School Theater English Video Arts Fall 2018 Syllabus.docx 

 This year Liberty High School is offering Advanced Placement ART HISTORY. The Syllabus is pending approval from the College Board. Check back for any updates:

Lozano ART HISTORY.docx 

Department Grading Policy

 Test Schedule 

Manhattan Arts Partnership

During the 2023-2024 school year, we participated in a Collaborative Arts project with the NYCDOE Manhattan Borough. Five Liberty teachers who share a passion for the ARTS, are involved with one class that culminates in a performance at the end of the term.  This term we included a partnership with Teatro SEA.