Employment Opportunities

Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers seeks highly motivated individuals that hold dual licenses to join their teaching staff. If you hold a content area license and TESOL or hold a bilingual extension in a subject area you might be a good fit for our staff.  We look for teachers and staff members that speak an additional language and have traveled or lived overseas.


We have the following openings for Fall 2022

We wish Mr. Sanchez and Ms. Watson Happy Retirement:

Social Studies - Actively looking for one more teacher who is bilingual. 

We have several openings in the ENL/ELA Department due to teachers leaving NYC. We are actively seeking three more teachers. 

If you are current member of the NYCDOE, please remember to submit your application on Open Market

If you are a new teacher, please remember to submit your application to New Teacher Finder 

Please apply online at DOE and send a resume to rhuegel@schools.nyc.gov