Why does good attendance equal good grades?

Student with less than 90% attendance are more likely to have lower test scores and not graduate from high school. 

What if my absence is excused?

If you are absent for a medical or legal reason, please provide documentation upon your return so your absence can be excused. However, an absence is still recorded and is a legal record the school must keep. 

Why do I receive automatic calls from my child's school?

All schools are required to inform parents / guardians when a student is absent or late. 

Is it okay to travel to my country for an extended period of time?

Students and their families should plan vacations around the school calendar available on Liberty's website or the NYC DOE's page. Extended absences for travel are discouraged because students lose too much instructional time and teachers are not obligated to provide you with work. Students risk promotion and may delay their graduation. 

How do you excuse an absence?

Students returning from an excused absence should bring a note from a doctor, parent/guardian explaining the reason for absence, or other legal institution. The attendance office will make a copy of it and place in the student's file and adjust their absence to excused. Excused absences are still absences. 

How do I achieve perfect attendance?

Perfect attendance is no absences (excused or unexcused), with no lateness.

Leaving School Early

If students need to leave early due to illness or an emergency appointment that could not be rescheduled to before or after the school day, the following policies will be adhered to:

  1. If the student is 17 and younger, parent or guardian must pick them up.  Parent signs early dismissal book in the attendance office.  Parent receives early dismissal pass.
  2. If the student is 18 and older then they can sign out for the day with verbal consent from their parent or guardian.  They are sent to the attendance office to receive early dismissal pass.

Attendance Policy

Families are advised to schedule medical appointments, court dates, and vacations when school is not in session to minimize interruption in schoolwork that may impact academic progress. The attached 2017-2018 school calendar is provided to help you plan your personal events and appropriately.

School Calendar 2017-2018.pdf



Academic Calendar


Translated versions available.


Liberty High School's Attendance Team is always on the look out for students that have improved their attendance. The school provides incentives and rewards for students such as:


Ms. Velasquez and your Guidance Counselors can tell you when we are running an incentive program.