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 Welcome all of you ! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone this semester! 

On this page you will find a link and code for your Google Classroom .

Please use the link or code posted to join the Google Classroom, which will be used throughout the semester for attendance, assignment submissions, and classroom discussions. I will be posting all class specific announcements on your google classroom streams. 



Period 2- Math MES31-11


Join my Google Classroom at https://classroom.google.com/c/MzkwMDc3NzA1NDUy?cjc=lyyphj6

















Period 3 Resource Room



Period 4- Math MES31

Resource Room Period 6


Digital Resources


www.perasonrealize.com  Here you can sign on and see what we are studying. 

www.ixl/lhsan  Here is a website where you can practice almost ANY math skill...and see how you are progressing towards mastery. 

www.khanacademy.org  Here you can videos, practice questions, quizzes and tests to help you improve your skills in math. And it’s FREE 

www.youtube.com  Here you can find videos that teachers have made that explain the lesson we will study here.