Link for the zoom of Tuesday February 13 2024

Period 2 Trigonometry  I

Zoom link for tomorrow
Time: 8:49 to 9:34


Period 3 Trigonometry  I

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Time: 9:37 to 10:22


Period 6 Trigonometry I

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Time : 12:00 to 12 :45


Period 7 Algebra I

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Time: 12:47 to 1:32



Period 8 Trigonometry I

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Time: 1:34 to 2:20




Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday March 21 4:30-7:30pm

Friday March 22 12:30-2:30

Parents/Guardians: feel free to call me at this number: 9293719495.


 I am also available via email:






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Welome to Mr Marchoug's teacher page

I am looking forward to working with you for another fantastic year at Liberty High School .Though , we are facing  unprecedented circumstances, we will succeed to achieve our goals and all the resources will be used to help you.

  Make sure to check your email in a daily basis and contact me for any concern .



Office hour: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12


Welcome to Mr Marchoug 'Online classroom. I look forward to help you achieve your goals..


 If you have questions or need help!,  Please email me at  I will answer your email during my Office Hours,

Algebra 1  MES22  ( Period 5): Monday from 1:59 PM to 2:19 PM.

Trigonometry MRS21 ( Period 4) : Tuesday from 1:59 PM to 2:19 PM.

Trigonometry MRS22  ( Period 1 and 6) : Wednesday from 1:59 PM to 2:19 PM.



Mr Marchoug Math Teacher


  Mr. Marchoug




Download the TI 84 Calculator

This is the website with a graphing calculator

Parent Teacher Conference

Contact me at this ZOOM LINK  in order to meet and discuss your student's progress in my class.  ( November 10 from 4:30to 7:30) ( November 12 From 12:30 to 2:30)

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me here:

You can also call me at 9293719495

Thank you