Mr. Sheiks Blended and Remote Physical Ed. Program

SPRING SEMESTER - 3rd Marking Period WEEK 3 - 5/17 - 5/21

WEEK 3 - 3rd Marking period


EVERYBODY HAS TO BE ON ZOOM for ATTENDANCE Opens in a new browser tab

Meeting ID : 848 5854 4647

Passcode: 203108



Complete All Google Classroom Assignments and say "PRESENT"

For Attendance - Tell me you are PRESENT on Google Classroom



Pd. 5, Pd. 6 and P.7

GROUP A - Monday and Tuesday

GROUP B - Wednesday and Thursday

YOU are NOW in the school EVERYDAY!!!

Attendance will be taken in the GYM!!!

If you are not in School - YOU MUST Complete Assignments and SAY "PRESENT" on GOOGLE CLASSROOM





Mr. Sheiks New Google Classroom - Only sign on with NEW School Email - LOG ON to Zoom for your Group Class for attendance and Classwork!

Click on my Google Classroom and say you are "PRESENT" for attendance!

ALL Groups (Group A and B) will be on ZOOM for Gym Class


If you don't log on with Camera and Microphone, I will mark you ABSENT!

Mr. Sheiks ZOOM link.


Meeting ID : 848 5854 4647

Passcode: 203108

THE BELL SCHEDULE - Follow your program with time of class period

Bell Schedule

Remote / Blended Learning


8:00 - 8:30 am

Instructional Coordination


8:30 - 9:17 am



9:17 – 10:04 am



10:04 – 10:51 am



10:51 – 11:38 am

Student Instructional Lunch Period


11:38 – 12:25 pm



12:25 – 1:12 pm



1:12 – 1:59 pm



1:59 – 2:19 pm

Teacher Office Hours


2:19 -  2:49 pm

Teacher Preparation Time

ATTENDANCE - Must Tell Me Your are in CLASS everyday!!

For all LIBERTY Students:


Log onto my Google Classroom and Say Hello, I'm Present!This is Mandatory for your attendance and Grade

Each week there will be Exercises and Assignments to Complete!

I will then review your attendance and Participation and update your PUPIL PATH GRADES!


Mr. Sheik will Now have Office Hours Everyday from 2:00pm - 2:50pm  If you need to Personally Speak with Sheik, you may email me with your questions or call the school.

If you would like to see each other while we speak, I will then set up a ZOOM Meeting with you. 

You must then Download the app to START!!

VIDEO: Daily Stretching Exercises with the SHEIKS!

Standing Warm ups

1. Left Leg Wide Stretch

2. Right Leg Wide Stretch

3. Middle-   Wide Stretch

4. Legs Together - Up then down Stretch

5. Left over Right Leg - Up then Down Stretch

6. Right over Left - Up then Down Stretch

7. Right Leg Forward

8. Left Leg Forward

9. Right Leg Pick up 

10. Left Leg Pick up

11. Right Arm across Chest - Pull up with Left Arm

12. Left Arm across Chest - Pull up with Right Arm

13. Right Arm over Head - Bend arm pull back

14. Left Arm over Head - Bend arm pull back

15. Right Arm extended Forward - Pull Fingers Down

16. Left Arm extended Forward - Pull Fingers Down


Mr. Sheiks Message to Students and Parents

I understand this will be a difficult time for all of us.  I want everyone to stay healthy and work hard in a SAFE Classroom and at home.

I will be in contact with you through my Teachers Page and through email.  Please contact me through, I will respond to you immediately.

For all REMOTE Blended LEARNING Students:

I will be giving you daily exercises and workouts to keep your Mind and Body moving.  This is very important while we are trying to stay home.  Continue to review my page and take time out of your day to exercise.  

I will also be attaching several Google Classroom assignments which I would like you to complete.  Most of your grades for the New Marking period will be determined upon your submission of work.  

I wish all the best and look forward to seeing you again!!

Your Phys. Ed Teacher

-Mr. Sheik

Mr. Sheiks Upperbody Workout while being Quarantined at HOME

Asynchronous Video Lesson for Friday 5/14

Asynchronous Video Class for FRIDAY 5/14

Mr. Sheik will be ABSENT from LIVE Instruction so I created a Video for you to Follow.

Exercise with me and use as a platform to create and modify your own personal Workouts!

Complete GOOGLE CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENT and Let me know that you are PRESENT for Class.

On Monday we will discuss our workout and assignment. 

I will also Complete your PupilPath grades for WEEK 2. (Only 4 weeks left before FINAL Report Cards)

5/14 - Mr. Sheik's Lower Body Bodyweight Workout